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M.A. English Conference Spring 2020


San Francisco
01 & 8 May 2020

The Conference

Virtual Synchronous and Asynchronous Presentations From Our Graduating Cohort
01 & 8 May 2020

Please join MA English students in virtual presentations of their capstone projects in linguistics, composition, and TESOL.

Presentation Schedule        May 1, 2020


Zoom instructions: here


Presentation Zoom links here. Each presenter has their own link:


10:00 AM   Billy Priest,Multilingual Composition Utilizing 21st Century Literacies: A Course Development, Password:0E?33330

                         Paper Here

10:30AM        Claire Northall      Resources for Supporting Multilingual Writers in Academic Writing: A Teacher Training Workshop, password 9G@*#GU%

                                Paper Here

11:00 AM       Phillip Zavala    The Scope of Cross-Linguistic Influence Research of English Learning Mandarin L1 Adult Speakers:password 0a$&^*8v

                                Paper Here

11:30 AM       James Chao        Let's Play a Video Game: A Content-Based ESL curriculum for IEPs, Password 3b#961ZD



12:30 PM        Sin Yee Chau     Developing Academic Writers: A Practical Guide to Empower Students to Negotiate Writing

                                  Paper Here

1:00 PM          Wenyi Yang     Evolution of Professional Identity: A Malaysian Chinese Teacher of English's Journey to becoming a TESOL professional
1:30 PM          Jenna Ferrario      CONTACT and CONTAINMENT in i and på: A Diachronic Analysis of Norwegian Prepositions

2:00  PM         Rose Kitchel      Constructing Murder: A Framing Analysis of Mass Shootings in American News Reports, Password:8p^QyS76

                                  Paper Here

2:30  PM         Minsun Lee        Hedges and Boosters: L1 and L2 Speakers’ Comprehension and  Production, Password 7T?7*@80

                     Paper Here


Presentation Roundtable

Please watch the recorded presentations below and join us for a roundtable with questions for our presenters


May 8, 2020 11am-1pm and Virtual Celebration 1pm-2pm


Agenda and Rountable Instructions: Here

Zoom Recording, Password: 3J=j4Mc2   Link


(Recorded presentation links and passwords here and in presenter bios below.)


Elisandra Santos     Presentation Password:  9O^?&#cE            Presentation Link:

"911, What's your Emergency?": Developing Vocabulary Acquisition for Emergency Situations

Lauren Holt        PAPER HERE    Presentation Password:  1O+j@5$. (password includes the . )  

The Struggle We Share: Writing Anxiety in College Composition and What Teachers Can Do To Help

Christina Yun     No Password

Utilizing Music to Enhance Language Learning

Skyler Ilenstine   PAPER HERE Presentation Password:  7I.7@#Q*            Presentation Link:

When the Immune System “Misfires”: Conceptual Metaphors in Autoimmune Disease Discourse

Natalia Vyalykh   Presentation Password: email        Presentation Link:

Integrating Creativity Enhancement Activities Into Teaching Materials To Promote Learner Engagement In Writing Skills Development

Heather Gorgen   PAPER HERE Presentation Password:  2e!+1*sG          Presentation Link:

Diving Deeper: Information Literacy in the Composition Classroom

Katya Hawks          PAPER HERE Presentation Password:  5z?VJ4#7          Presentation Link:

Incorporating Translanguaging as a Pedagogical Tool in the ELL Classroom: Potential Activities for Three Common Teaching Contexts

Max Garibay            PAPER HERE Password:  MAEnglish20!          Presentation Link:

Bringing Down the House: Re-imagining Academic Discourse

Tiffany Custer        Presentation Password:  maenglish20!       Presentation Link:

Bridging the Gaps in Higher Education: Enriching the Experience of African American Males in Colleges and Universities

Leilani Matthews  PAPER HERE Presentation Password:  0O?&F?Eq            Presentation Link:

Teaching ESL Students with depression/PTSD: A Needs Analysis

Christine Leung   PAPER HERE Presentation Password:  maenglish123!     Presentation Link:

Navigating the Tech Interview as a Non-Native English Speaker

Suki Ho     No Password                                                                                    Presentation Link:

Taking on Critical Literacy in an Extensive Reading Curriculum: How Critical Reading promotes Reading Incentive and Comprehension of EAP Students

The Conference
What is our program?

What if you could be globally engaged through the study of diverse texts and language practices? What if you could be in classes that combine analysis and imagination? What if your education could be a collaborative intellectual experience?

The English Department consists of vibrant and interdisciplinary programs to study communicative practices of cultures and writers all over the world. Our courses, whether on major literary authors or in fields such as Digital Humanities and World English(es), reflect our commitment to the study of English in global contexts. Our student-centered classrooms offer opportunities to use multiple technologies, modalities, genres, and theoretical frameworks to read critically the word and the world around us, with an eye toward writing the future.

By gaining self-reliance, empathy, and intellectual focus, our students go on to become teachers, writers, entrepreneurs, publishers, content designers, attorneys and activists, exciting careers that draw on their analytic skills and their humanistic values.  In addition to shepherding the next generation of critical thinkers into diverse career paths, the English Department also creates exponential change by preparing engaged and effective educators for tomorrow’s diverse classrooms.



MA English Students from TESOL, Linguistics, and Composition
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